Choose the Right Size for You!

Watch our video below to get more insights about the different sizes of our signs and how they differ from each other. Need more help choosing the right product for you? Give us a call!

We Offer 5 Sign Sizes

Most impressive are the Large that people usually hang outside. Medium is the most popular. The Small and Mini are better choices for indoors. Skinny-Minis are always a favorite. Reach out and we will give you a complimentary mock-up of what your word will look like.

Prices are based on the size, number of letters, symbols, and spaces.

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Skinny-Minis are great on a boat or in tight spaces.

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Used indoors but can also brighten up a porch, boathouse, or smaller outdoor space.

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Similar to the Minis. Our small signs can fit more characters and symbols.

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This size is our most popular and is suitable for both inside and outside your house.

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Our large sign is most suitable as an outdoor display or inside a spacious room.

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