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Custom Nautical Sign

Small Sign Up to 14 Characters. Price range $108-$585.

Small Sign Up to 14 Characters. Price range $108-$585.


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Product Description

Custom, hand painted signs using the nautical signal flag alphabet. The most popular are last names, boat names, children's initials and inspiring words. Be creative and come up with your own. 

The signs are hand made in wood and hand painted. Each is signed by the artist on the back. The best outdoor paint is used on each sign but keep in mind these are natural works of art, not plastic, and subject to weathering.

Small signs are slightly larger than our mini. The blocks are 3.5 inch squares. The height on small signs is 9.5 inches. The width depends on the number of letters. Start with 1 letter at 10 inches wide. Add about 4 inches for each additional letter.

Be sure to consider our very cool additional options to truly make your sign unique!

Sign Dimensions

Learn more about our sizes.

Character Count

Letters and the spaces between them are all included in the total character count (ex: "John Smith" is counted as 10 characters).

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