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Custom Nautical Sign

Skinny-Mini Sign Up to 14 Letters

Skinny-Mini Sign Up to 14 Letters


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Product Description

The Skinny-Mini is a great gift for anyone... it has all the nautical colors and brightens up any space.

Our Skinny-Mini is 6 inches high, the length varies based on the number of flag letters.

Be sure to consider our very cool additional options to truly make your sign unique!

Sign Dimensions

Learn more about our sizes.

No. of Characters
Size (H x W)
1 6 in x 7 in
2 6 in x 10 in
3 6 in x 13 in
4 6 in x 16 in
5 6 in x 19 in
6 6 in x 23 in
7 6 in x 25 in
8 6 in x 28 in
9 6 in x 31 in
10 6 in x 33 in
11 6 in x 38 in
12 6 in x 41 in
13 6 in x 44 in
 *Sign may be wider based on options included in the finished design.

Character Count

Letters and the spaces between them are all included in the total character count (ex: "John Smith" is counted as 10 characters).

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